5 tips for buying a home

Buying a home can be a stressful time...Let us help you make the process easy with our 5 essential tips!

1. Start Saving

A large portion of lenders require you to have at least 5% of the property's value as a deposit.However aiming for a larger deposit will ensure that you avoid paying costly insurance or high interest rates on your loan. Start saving early to secure your financial future and your dream home!

2. Do your Research

Don't believe the hype! Make sure to research the suburb for potential growth, median property prices, trends over time and amount of people looking to invest in that area. A good decision is a knowledgeable decision.

3. Define your boundaries

What is important to you?


Public transport?

Cultural diversity? Land size?

Field work before buying a home is so important in the search for the perfect home. Defining the boundaries for your house hunt will filter out properties that are irrelevant and make the buying process much easier.

4. Speak to professionals

Contact the local agents to find out whats happening in the current property market. Start of the process with them by creating an action plan or strategy to find your dream home. When buying, you need an agent that you can trust and be confident in their knowledge and skills!

5. Inspect

It is of utmost importance to conduct your own inspections when finding potential properties. It is common that home owners stage the home to make it look its best. So save yourself money, time and stress in the long run by organising pest and building inspections.

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